Thursday, 28 June 2012


Nothing says its the holidays like a good little shopping session, no rush, just time time time!
So to kick start my July school holidays I took a little trip to PE, to shop for stuff for the house...(and then someone took this shopping to another level, but I'll post on that purchase later)

(P.S I lied, I kick started my holiday with a little trip to PE to watch Boks play like kak against the English...but then we stumbled upon a lovely shop called Sheridan)

My heart shaped casserole pot!
My collection of Le Creuset pots - all colourful and pretty
The espresso mugs and mixing bowls
I think I love this Le Creuset cause I can buy them in all sorts of colours...and I love colour!

These babies won some award somewhere in the world, they are so heavey so here's hoping that I'll be taking less sips less frequently.
and the Jug from the same collection...I've learnt that a jug of water needs to be present when consuming jugs of really helps

The Ritzenhoff collection growing.

Uncle Dave at Sheridan's gave me a Carrol Boyes dog collar for Indi and Blue - kinda matches the Carrol Boyes handbag I have hahah
and this ladies and gentelmen is The Face, and he is my favourite painting in the house...
by Bastian Van Stenis or something like that...
Look forward to searching for art during Festival (Grahamstown National Arts Fest starts today!)

Things are coming together and the house is looking good, busy putting in the fire place and waiting for the dining room chairs from Italy. I mean really, but ya.  I just enjoy filling and decorating :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Baby Blue to Naughty ADHD Bloep

Blue is a very different little speciman!  The day she arrived, she took over.  She is so feisty, energetic, boisterous, playfull, inquisitive.  Sometimes Indi and I just wanna chill, like I'll be watching Wimbledon and he'll lie by my feet.  she'll come pull his ears, lick me in the face, nibble my ankle, bite and pull his collar...eventually after ignoring all of this she'll proudly trott out the house and go and irritate the gardener Gladman..haha..yes he is my babysitter.  "Gladman call Blue please"...then he knows he must keep her occupied (throw the tennis ball) while Indi and I just chill.

So as you can see...

She didnt hesitate to pick a kennel the day she arrived
Next day casually caught a nap spread out ontop of the top part of the leather couch! (which she a few months later chewed up)

and she still loves that very same spot :)

A little bit older here...she always chooses to strew herself across the pillow where must I lie.  This morning I let them in, I was lying on my stomach face down, she jumped onto my back and just started sleeping ON my back?!?! she is too big for this sh*t now.
Casually, no problem hops into the pool.
Dominating Indi on the lawn - this game drives me mad as it goes on for ages!
Shame my little pooch was not impressed that I made her dive through a wave to "come save me".

She was a very cute puppy, but when it comes to Beauty..Indi wins, but she's definitely got all the personality!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Boks v England 3 - In Port Elizabeth

The atmosphere was amazing, and some rugby players tweeted afterwards that it was the loudest they have heard the National Anthem sung in quite a while and also the most supporters dressed in Springbok colours! Well done PE!!!
BUT...I was utterly disgusted and embarrassed when the crowed "boo'd" and whistled everytime England had to kick, they didnt keep very quiet when Morne Steyn was taking his goal kicks and towards the end they LOUDLY boo'd Morne Steyn every time he touched the ball or missed a kick.
I felt so sorry for the bloke, and terribly dissapointed in the East Cape supporters!

Happiness however was sitting in complete luxury in the BMW box, while it poured with rain in the stadium!  Delicious food, waitresses bringing us drinks and very chic supporters gear (jackets, tops, caps, pillows etc).  Ive never watched rugby from a box, and even though I was very greatful for not having to sit in the rain, I do prefer watching rugby right in the middle of the stadium, on the half-way line, hearing the okes clash as they tackle each other and being able to take close up photos of my favourite rugby players! :)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Boks v England 1

its freezing, the fire place is going, biltong doing the rounds, red wine and beer flowing...Rugby!
We had some friends over and Seans brother and nephews joined us.  I cooked a roast leg of lamb (dont faint) haha...and it turned out to be an awesome evening, we won the rugby, the boys dressed Indi up in Springbok supporters gear, we drank too little wine and ate too much food, we played Pink Floyd's DVD and sang until the early hours.  I didnt take many photos...but here are a 2

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Beauty of winter

The beauty of winter in Grahamstown...The ALOES start to flower!!!
and the veld all around has little orange blobs everywhere.

But this is in our garden.

Look behind his head (I know you could help but only stare at him)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Teaching special needs has been a huge challenge for me.  Firstly, although I only have 9 pupils, I am actually preparing and teaching 9 different lessons per a learning area since each child operates at a different level and pace.
With this comes the emotional draining of having to deal with children who come from severley disadvantaged backgrounds, orphans, abuse, foster care, hunger, violence, neglect...
It was all hunkey dorey in the beginning, but soon the children became comfortable with me as their new teacher, and all sorts of little things started to happen, physical fights, stealing, hunger, begging, vandilism, and coming to school with injuries with abuse from home.
I had my first leeeeetle break down last week Tuesday when I was feeding my dogs one evening after a tough day at school.
While I sat watching them eat cooked mince and pellets I broke down crying.
I have to be strong...its not an easy job but I do love it.  I am often exhausted and past out by 8:30pm.

After we learnt about cows and their benefits we made our own ice-cream mixtures,
(caramel, chocolate, nut, vanilla, cuppachino)

Marizaantjie...smiling :)
50 cent has nothing on these two...Eshton and Eugene.
love construction games and building things.