Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Seven Months

My Heart grows fonder every day, my little best friend, cannot believe you're mine!

Lets see....where's my boy at now
  • I am getting the hang of this sleeping at night story.
  • Also enjoy my day time naps
  • I eat chicken, lamb, all sorts of veggies and anything you put in my hand of course.  
  • I love sour things, plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken and veg mix. 
  • I also love maltabella
  • My dogs are STILL my favourite thing to play with - no toy compares
  • I'm starting to lean out of my car seat and look for mommy while driving - so getting a new car seat
  • I can roll all across the roll to get something I want
  • I love sitting outside under the tree, I watch all the things going on in the garden and am tjoep stil, but if I sit indoors I start moaning after a while
  • I pull my beanies and hats off my head
  • I give kisses when mommy asks "kissy mommy" I say "ahhhh" and kiss her open mouth 
  • I smile at myself in the mirror, and get very shy.  If it's a hand held mirror I try look behind the mirror to see who's there.
  • Mom left me for the first time with a bottle of formula with Nanna Tari on Wednesday 24th to play in a charity golf day.
  •  MY ARM
  • My arm has improved a lot - went to see the specialist in Cape Town on Friday 26 September -
    • Dr. Mike Solomons
    • He made me play with a white horse that was boring so mom gave me a biscuit instead
    • He said my bicep had improved and showed signs of healing on its own but rather slowly
    • My infraspinatus and Supraspinatus muscle that help create the external rotation movement aren't working which indicates C5 nerve as damaged and so he will operate to fix this
    • The operation will be on Monday 20 October at 5pm.  I am not allowed to eat ALL day.  
    • Dr. Solomons said that my arm will have all the normal functions and be just like any other arm except a bit weaker, less tone and smaller than my left arm.

Monday, 1 September 2014


  • I can almost sit by myself...prob in the month of being six I will have mastered it
  • I've eaten butternut, apple and pear .... all a bit strange and I pull funny faces
  • I can put my toes in my mouth
  • I roll from back to tummy and tummy to back
  • I pull my dogs hair and squeel with delight
  • I don't like lying alone in a room anymore and cry if mom walks away
  • My new favourite song is A - is for apple a a apple
  • what makes me laugh?  when mom pretends to talk but no sounds come out of her mouth
  • when mom zerbs my tummy or eats my toes I laugh like crazy
  • Mom took me to see the snow in hogs back....I sat in the snow...rolled over and fell on my face...but it was fluffy and soft so I didn't cry :)
  • I just did a long stretch of sleep last night - 6hours each :)
  • mom still wishes I would sleep through...she is longing for a full nights sleep