Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Love of my life, reason for my breathing...

Duncan Alexander McCallum...decided on the morning of a beautifully hot summer Sunday to begin his journey down and into this wonderful world of ours. 2 weeks before he's due date!

It was a slow, not so painful process until about 16:30 when I had to persuade Sean to give up watching the rest of the Liverpool soccer match and take me to hospital because that is when the pain got unbearable.
The first nurse to inspect me said I hadn't even begun to dilate and that the baby had not engaged at all!!!  I thought at that point ...well I'll surely have a Caesar then because if the pain is THIS bad and I haven't even begun to dilate then I do not wanna know the pain at 10cm dilated!!!!  Luckily my doctor came soon afterwards and after his examination, I was 4cm dilated and he had to break my waters.  About an hour and a half later I could go into the labour ward, I still can't believe I had to walk there!!!!  What century are we in?  Where are the wheel chairs???  But to tell you the truth...I think I ran to the labour ward...I was just so bloody excited that I was finally allowed to push (not being allowed to push is the worst part of labour),

I jumped on that bed, it was 40degrees outside and inside was much the same, I ripped off my hospital gown...kaalgat head to toe...I couldn't have cared less, I begged for the aircon, Sean kept a wet cloth on my forehead and giving me sips of energade and then I pushed for dear life and 40min later he slithered out...they put him straight onto my stomach...instant relief...and an explosion of love so deep it cannot be described.  He was here!  and his name will be Duncan (because daddy liked that name a lot) and Alexander (McCallum family second name)...(Grandpa Ian Alexander Patrick).

23 February 2014, Sunday, 19:20 - best moment of my life!