Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 Months Old

  • I can sit for a good couple of seconds
  • I enjoy being on my tummy more now
  • I went to Paternoster Baai
  • My arm is improving and I can put my right hand in my mouth now
  • I suck my two figners (index and middle)
  • I drool a lot
  • I laugh lots and lots when mom barks woof woof
  • I babble a first bubbles -
    • wawawawababababab
    • dadadaadaddad

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

three, FOUR, knock on my door...

I am four months old, and mommy can NOT believe how much I have grown and changed in just four months!

Four Months Old
  • I'm trying very hard to sit up..I do little mini sit ups and get very frustrated
  • if mom puts me in sitting position then I sit for a while 
  • I love sleeping on Joycie's back and lunch time naps with mom
  • I get bored easily now
  • I'm starting to reach for my toys now and if mom gives them to me I put them in my mouth
  • Bed time is 18;30 but I still wake up around 1/2am and 5am
  • I blow bubble and make brrrrrrr sound with my lips
  • I smile when the dogs lick me
  • Flying like an airplane makes me laugh
  • Mom gave me a sip of water....first thing I've tried since breast milk...I shook my head in disgust!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

one, two, THREE, mother caught a flea!

3 months old
  • I started lifting my arm up
  • I went to visit my granny in Somerset East
  • I laugh out loud now
  • I think mom is VERY funny when she does aerobics with me in her arms
  • I love going for strolls in my pram
  • My head/neck much stronger and I can hold my head up nicely now
  • I'm starting to wake up more at night now... mom says its a growth spurt
  • I am growing out of my 3-6month clothing!
  • I follow peoples voices around the room and I also watch the dogs when they fight, cant take my eyes off of them!