Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm Back

Lots has happened since I last posted..
My second term at school started off pretty hectic and with my new goals I set I just havent found time to blog.
I started spinning as a form of exercise other than running the dogs.
I started golf, got some brand new clubs, signed up for lessons in PE
I had my teeth whitened with BriteSmile treatment.
I've hosted numerous dinner and lunch parties and my cooking has become much better as my confidence has grown.
I had a fabulous birthday but unfortunately didnt take ANY photos.  it was the middle of June but 25degrees celcius so we had an outdoor Champagne and Prawn braai!  was so delicious!  I got a terribly beautiful beautiful I dont know if I'll ever get a chance to wear it...and I redid my winter wardrobe!
I made a connection with the editor of Cesar's Way (Cesar Millan the dog whisperer on DSTV's magazine) and my dogs shall be in a feature story in the October issue! 
I organised some professional shots to be taken of us...and now one of the pictures are being used by Animania for their advertising.
Ive started coaching myself on proper training of dogs by following various online guides, and I've actually developed a little manual that is specific for German Shepherds.  So maybe one day I'll be Grahamstown's very own dog whisperer :) hahah
ooo and then we off to Mauritius end of the Month.

but her some photos of the photoshoot and some other things:

why the hell do these photos load sideways?  I've changed them and now blogger loads them like this...urrrgggg...I give up!
 Roy, Julie, myself and Sean at Heather's 60th
 Heather must be the youngest 60 year old I know.  Dances on tables, wears leopard print properly
and KNOWS how to throw a party! Sushi, wine, excellent music and 120 guests who love to dance!
Dont you just love old people?  They so honest and bloody funny.  Uncle John on the left here
married his high school sweetheart 55years later...he is in his 70's.

Knitted these gloves all by be sold at our market day!

Di and Campbell's combined birthday was a night at Kitchaka 5 star game reserve.
Infinity pool into a hippo infested dam.  This is with my cellphone so no shots of animals SORRY

Josh Roussow the art curator...we've bought some art from his gallery in Hermanus but was bloody hilarious having him over festival.  Such a fun guy!

urrrgggg..yuck! bloody Stef the hypnotist being an absolute idiot at the village green!

Look at him!!!! I'm telling you he is NUTS. hahaha

and I am normal I promise...I just like to strap my chatterbox brats mouths closed when they talk too much shit.  Example: (talking to his mate)  "jou tande stink soos vrot derms"  - he is always saying things to get a reaction out of people.  Once he said to me about unzipping his apron after art:
 "hey nigga unzip me pleez man yong!"

Blue and I ...we've become quite close..especially since she's show EXCEPTIONAL listening skills unlike Indiana!  Beauty and Brains cannot always come together.  So he got the beauty

I mean look at him!  He can get away with murder with such a hangsome face!

Getting both dogs to look at the camera a bit of a nightmare...but I love this shot..
I love the way my hair looks cockatiel-ish

Love him to bits!

Our special family!  I love them to bits!