Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Merry Season...Christmas is almost here!

My last blog post was Duncan's 9month......I wrote all about it and somehow it just disappeared and I just didn't have the time to rewrite it all again.  Now we are in December and leaving for the beach in 5 days time so there will be SO much to catch up on when we get back in January...

  • Duncan's first time to the beach
  • Cathrine's Wedding
  • Moniques birthday
  • Duncan 10months milestones
  • Christmas
  • Grant's 2nd birthday

So just a quick catch up
 Duncan has 2 bottom teeth now....no more are coming...YET.....I think those 2 bottom teeth are just the cutest thing I've ever seen and he now munches on all sorts of crunchy fruit, especially LOVES

  • Spanspek,....like L.O.V.E.S spanspek and watermelon
  • strawberries...but only if they are sweet
  • Cherries....I take the pips out of course
  • apples
  • not too fond of bananas but will munch on it
  • tomatoes especially sweet baby tomatoes    
 Dad thought it would be fun to pour water over your head....it was!  Duncan laughed his head off

 First ice-cream ever.  A berry blaze lolly.  Devoured!  Never seen such blue little fingers clinging onto an ice cold ice-cream for dear life!

 What's going on here?  Looks like fun. 

oooo what are these?  cherries? strawberries?  I'll pick one anyway

 rock hard!  Can't get a bite!  What's going on?

 I'll just swallow it whole
 Slippery!  It keeps popping out!   What is this nonsense.  I can't focus on my photoshoot anymore

 Ok let me lick it then...

 Ok mum...now I see.... this is so much fun!

 Take the photo quick cause this hat aint made for my big head .... (Mom had to cut a slit in it to fit)

 How much more crap do you wanna add?  This silver thing is irritating me...take the photo quick!

 That's it ..I've had enough....