Thursday, 29 November 2012

what about a lovely glass of champagne...the impossible has happened!

A while back I wrote about the things that I'm enjoying about my life and more specifically my life with Sean.  A man who came into my life rather unexpectedly, I fell in love with rather unexpectedly and then a week ago he proposed VERY unexpectedly...shockingly unexpected...still cant believe it.  I can promise you now there is NOT a more happier girl at this very moment on this earth!  I feel like I'm dreaming....and this is why.

Everyone always tells of their engagement..."well we'd been speaking about marriage for a while now"...."we've been together for 7 years it was time"...."we were looking at rings and I showed him what I like"...."we'll get engaged after our travels" ....

now Sean and I have NEVER discussed marriage, weddings or how serious is our was more like life was just flying by because we were enjoying ourselves so much.  For those of you who do not know in order to understand my story, Sean is 19 and half years older than me.  When ever I said "gosh ill never wear a puffy dress to my wedding" he'd tease:  "what, who you gonna marry muffin?"...I mean he'd even tease when I referred to him as a boyfriend he'd say "I didnt know you had a boyfriend" anyway I have never looked at jewelry never mind rings, I've never said what I like cause quite frankly I didnt like anything.  We decided to go play golf in Knysna on the weekend after my school Christmas Market to relax and rejuvinate.  The weather was forecasted to be terrible in Knysna and we decided to rather stay home in Grahamstown where it would be sunny and warm...I felt disappointed as I was keen to get away.  Now Sean always does everything 100% and we always do fancy things and drink champagne (kind of like dont wait for the special occassion, everyday is a special occassion).

He told me we would go to Kwandwe Game Reserve, 30min out of town.  We arrived at lunch and enjoyed a stunning lunch and some crisp white wine over looking the Great Fish River, we had time to kill before our game drive at 4pm and since it was boiling hot I was keen to go chill in our private plunge pool at our room.  Sean popped some champagne (like I said nothing unusual) and we sat chatting me in the pool and him on those sundeck tanning chair things...and I (probably all the booze speaking) start a heart felt speech about how this is the life I always dreamt of having, and now I'm living my dream, and I'm just so grateful to have him in my life etc etc.  A few minutes later he says ..."come here" thinking he wants a refill of the glass of champagne he just downed (now that was unusual as he never downs alcohol) i walk on over, he takes my hand pulls me down beside him and says:
"this is the life hey?"...."and I want you to be a part of my life forever"...I was like WHAT? what the hell is going on with you? have you gone mad? "You make me very happy and I love you lots and lots and I want to marry you".....WHAT? What's going on with you? Are you serious or joking? whats going on? I dont understand what you saying....then he whipped out the ring and said "will you be with me forever?"....for a split second I still thought it was a joke and for a split second I thought it was a lucky packet ring..then I saw that diamond sparkle and I burst out was real...he was event I was 100% sure would never happen and I was fine with that. 
Then some how in all the commotion I cut my lip open on the ring and said "YES" through a bloody lip..haha....hell..I still cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See Sean is an older man, set in his ways and just not the wedding cushy type....its was the most unexpected thing...I would have been less surprised if I was pregnant hahahahaha. 

Here's the list I wrote a long time ago about what I love about my life with Sean:

Happiness is…
Having unconditional love from your dogs
Support from your partner
Laughter around the dinner table
Champagne on a rainy day
Unexpected hugs
Walks on the beach/mountain
Cooking together
Watching your favourite sport together
Listening to stories
Sharing jokes
Making tea in bed
Playing nurse
Sharing wine
Playing Jenga on the veranda

Friday, 2 November 2012

Delicious Mauritius

Entrance/view from reception
 Welcome drinks
Our little pandok 
Swimming pool in front of our room
 our first evening there..i couldnt stop taking pictures, i was like "this is exactly how it is in the magazines!!!"

Dinner on the beach
Calming, relaxing, breath taking sunsets and scenery

Very friendly people...I became very good friends with this beach comber..he said he's name was "babalas"...obviously too many South Africans visit Mauritius
Fishing boats docked for the evening (is "docked" even the right word?)
My first supper, sea urchants, muscles, oysters, mushroom milkshake, pineapple and mangos
 beach bums
I am now officially over talking about Mauritius and photos etc that I actually cannot carry on with this blog post..I had a fabulous holiday thank you very much.

Monday, 29 October 2012

whether the weather be good whether the weather be bad

Since we got back from Mauritius it has been raining, cold, windy, grey, misty miserable.  Cant believe we almost in November and I am currently wearing: a vest, a top, a long sleeve top a jersey a jacket and a pashmina, 2 pairs of tights and wooly boots! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some pics of the floods:
didnt see too much in Gtown but Port Alfred and PE were quite bad

Saturday, 13 October 2012

My beautiful strong loving mom

She was just the most amazing woman in my life.  The kind that should have written a book.  I cant begin to tell you about her life, but I need to tell you about my life with her in it and why the road ahead seems so hard without her.
I dont know how to express what I am feeling.  My chest pains when I think of the good times with her.  They begin in the early days where I would spend hours around her feet in the pecan nut lands.  She told me then that I was her best friend..I was 5.   Setting heaps of leaves alight, getting paid to shake the trees, chasing our socks down the flowing cannals.  Our trips to swimming galas all over the country, singing our lungs out on the long road...her smoke never bothered me then. 
When my legs used to pain in the middle of the night she climbed into bed with me and held my paining leg.  She always held my hand and said I had the softest hands.  Ag I so badly want to hold her hand again. My heart is so sore remembering all these things.  She came to my graduation and made me feel as though I had won an Oscar, she had no difficulty in expressing her pride.  She always only wanted the best for me.  I saw her one last time when she drove through the night, 700km alone, to come say goodbye to me before I went overseas.  She was tall and strong, but when I hugged her she was soft.  We had a good time together and we danced on Sunday afternoon.  When she left on Monday how would I have ever known that would be my last hug, I somehow can still see and feel it.  I was standing at the car door, it was HOT in February and our skin was sticky against each other.  I thought she was so brave driving back alone and I admired her as she drove out of the yard...
The thing is I still need her in my life and I just cant understand what has happened.  All I can do now is live my life according what would make her proud and be the woman she always saw in me.  She always said to me: it doesnt matter how poor you are as long as you are neat, clean and friendly you will get far in life.  Her last card to me ended with "and always stay true to who you are". 
The last phone call I made was to confide in my mother, I needed to hear her words of wisdom, to feel her love and support, we spoke about playing golf together...I wanted her in my life more than ever.

My hero
 Our last photo together - February 2012

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm Back

Lots has happened since I last posted..
My second term at school started off pretty hectic and with my new goals I set I just havent found time to blog.
I started spinning as a form of exercise other than running the dogs.
I started golf, got some brand new clubs, signed up for lessons in PE
I had my teeth whitened with BriteSmile treatment.
I've hosted numerous dinner and lunch parties and my cooking has become much better as my confidence has grown.
I had a fabulous birthday but unfortunately didnt take ANY photos.  it was the middle of June but 25degrees celcius so we had an outdoor Champagne and Prawn braai!  was so delicious!  I got a terribly beautiful beautiful I dont know if I'll ever get a chance to wear it...and I redid my winter wardrobe!
I made a connection with the editor of Cesar's Way (Cesar Millan the dog whisperer on DSTV's magazine) and my dogs shall be in a feature story in the October issue! 
I organised some professional shots to be taken of us...and now one of the pictures are being used by Animania for their advertising.
Ive started coaching myself on proper training of dogs by following various online guides, and I've actually developed a little manual that is specific for German Shepherds.  So maybe one day I'll be Grahamstown's very own dog whisperer :) hahah
ooo and then we off to Mauritius end of the Month.

but her some photos of the photoshoot and some other things:

why the hell do these photos load sideways?  I've changed them and now blogger loads them like this...urrrgggg...I give up!
 Roy, Julie, myself and Sean at Heather's 60th
 Heather must be the youngest 60 year old I know.  Dances on tables, wears leopard print properly
and KNOWS how to throw a party! Sushi, wine, excellent music and 120 guests who love to dance!
Dont you just love old people?  They so honest and bloody funny.  Uncle John on the left here
married his high school sweetheart 55years later...he is in his 70's.

Knitted these gloves all by be sold at our market day!

Di and Campbell's combined birthday was a night at Kitchaka 5 star game reserve.
Infinity pool into a hippo infested dam.  This is with my cellphone so no shots of animals SORRY

Josh Roussow the art curator...we've bought some art from his gallery in Hermanus but was bloody hilarious having him over festival.  Such a fun guy!

urrrgggg..yuck! bloody Stef the hypnotist being an absolute idiot at the village green!

Look at him!!!! I'm telling you he is NUTS. hahaha

and I am normal I promise...I just like to strap my chatterbox brats mouths closed when they talk too much shit.  Example: (talking to his mate)  "jou tande stink soos vrot derms"  - he is always saying things to get a reaction out of people.  Once he said to me about unzipping his apron after art:
 "hey nigga unzip me pleez man yong!"

Blue and I ...we've become quite close..especially since she's show EXCEPTIONAL listening skills unlike Indiana!  Beauty and Brains cannot always come together.  So he got the beauty

I mean look at him!  He can get away with murder with such a hangsome face!

Getting both dogs to look at the camera a bit of a nightmare...but I love this shot..
I love the way my hair looks cockatiel-ish

Love him to bits!

Our special family!  I love them to bits!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rosewater Strawberry Cupcakes

For the Wimbledon final...
cupcakes in the oven
Before ..plain vanilla cake cupcakes
after...rosewater strawberry cupcakes
I asked Joyce to take a photo of me and my cupcakes...I said "can you see me?" and
she said shame
This is beloved Joyce...I cant speak Xhosa and she can bearly speak English..but we manage