Friday, 2 November 2012

Delicious Mauritius

Entrance/view from reception
 Welcome drinks
Our little pandok 
Swimming pool in front of our room
 our first evening there..i couldnt stop taking pictures, i was like "this is exactly how it is in the magazines!!!"

Dinner on the beach
Calming, relaxing, breath taking sunsets and scenery

Very friendly people...I became very good friends with this beach comber..he said he's name was "babalas"...obviously too many South Africans visit Mauritius
Fishing boats docked for the evening (is "docked" even the right word?)
My first supper, sea urchants, muscles, oysters, mushroom milkshake, pineapple and mangos
 beach bums
I am now officially over talking about Mauritius and photos etc that I actually cannot carry on with this blog post..I had a fabulous holiday thank you very much.

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