Saturday, 28 June 2014

one two buckly your shoe...2 months old!


2 Months old
  • I smiled for the first time
  • My doggies have gotten used to me now, novelty has worn off , they just lick my head
  • I am starting to spend my days more awake
  •  I can lie for hours on my play gym mat and stare at the toys
  • I went on my first airplane ride to visit my cousins in Natal and I was very well behaved

Friday, 27 June 2014

1 month old

So I've been around for 4 weeks...and on 23 of March I am exactly one month old :)
  • My favorte sleeping position to sleep in is on mommy or daddy's chest
  • I just started enjoying my bath
  • I started moving my sore shoulder
  • I moved into my own bed (cot)
  • I love bumpy roads and going for rides in the car or pram
  • Mom thinks I smiled but its just winds
  • I still have big vomits after my feeds
  • Daddy insists I wear my Liverpool supporters kit EVERY WEEKEND
  • I love it when Uncle Gavvie and Uncle Paulie sing nursery Rhymes to me when they come for braais

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

First little video...

Oh this sound....the crying.... I'll never forget the pain in my heart.  YOu see he cried when he came out and then he never cried again as he lay on my boob all night and then the next morning only did they wash the blood out of his hair and then I heard this cry and my word my heart ached...was too terrible.
If I ever have a second child I will insist on bathing him/her myself and I will use FAR LESS bloody shampoo/soap!  And after this I'm convinced new born babies should just be bathed with some warm water!  So much soap on a brand new head! eish!