Monday, 26 January 2015

11 Months Old

on the 20th of January Duncan started crawling!  Just 3 days before he turned 11 months old!
We are so proud of him, because of his arm we wondered if he would ever be strong enough to put weight on it and crawl but he has!  Patients has paid off.
He loves moving around now and is much more content and not so frustrated anymore.

We didn't do the usual monthly shoot with numbers on the 23rd because life just got hectic.  We were in PE for our scan of the new baby Mac on the way and the next day was Sean's birthday party.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Mandelas - my new obsession...let's see how long this lasts

Drawing and colouring in can be very therapeutic.....and a nice break from doing/reading/sleeping/eating/breathing baby things.  Every time I have a 5min gap or on the evenings Duncan's gone to bed and Sean's still at the golf club, I put some music on and start drawing/colouring in.  Lekker man!  I'm not artistic but this makes me feel like I am releasing some sort of creative energy.  Ag and its just nice you know...doing something different.  It wont last long.  Knowing me I'll be bored of this in 3months when I learnt to knit, I knitted about 50 pairs of gloves and never picked up knitting needles again! bahahhaahahah

Monday, 5 January 2015

10 months old

Cut a top tooth

and lots more....but still not crawling although trying very hard.
Claps hands
high fives
copy sounds
still waking up all night...yaaawwwwwnnnnnn
Totally on formula now

Sunday, 4 January 2015

A few favourites from Christmas

We had a lovely day.  The day before Father Christmas arrived on a boat and dropped all the prezzies off on the jetty. 

Tyler got some roller skates from us, an Elsa (from Frozen) barbi and loom bands from her parents, a barbi doll dress from Granny Mitz and then lots of other little things.  I think it was most exciting for her because she is at that perfect age for Christmas and all its nonsense ;)

Dunci got a swimming cozzie from us, lovely puzzle and book and things from Monique and a little bowl and car and shoes from Helen and Mike.

He teethed on the day and was very miserable! :(  but we had a good day non the less with all the bloody meats and treats in the tell you the truth I would just prefer booking somewhere for Christmas lunch....someone else does the cooking and washing up :) hehehe