Friday, 13 December 2013


I haven't had much time to blog the past month or so. It's been a bit chaos trying to get the building done of 2 new rooms (laundry room and walk-in-closet) before we head for Port Alfred today until January. 

I had a preggie photo shoot 2 weeks ago...which was loads of fun.  Once I've received all the photos I'll do a proper post.  I'll leave with a sneak peak for now.

And a Merry Christmas and wonderful new year to you all

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Jen & Pierre's Wedding - Kimberely, Northern Cape.

 Groom waiting patiently over 40min for the arrival of his bride
 Kids get restless and need to leave the chapel
(here Fergus kept calling his "daddddddy" who was sitting at the bottom

 Finally the Bride arrives.  The photographer requests that no photos be taken of the bride as she enters the chapel, nor lean into the isle to get a better look of her.
(So this is the first sneaky pic we can take)

 After many prayers from Minister Andrew Murray the rings are exchanged

 You may Kiss The Bride

 Finally guests are released into the Kalahari heat and Troy and Owen, handsome little page boys
dish out pink and white petals to guests to use as confetti

 Throwing confetti over newlyweds symbolises a “fruitful” union
Petals have replace seeds and grains of rice -  pagans believed the fertility of the seeds would be transferred to the couple.
 Rose Sparkling Wine and fruit juice await the guests while they sit under the trees waiting for the bride to return from her photo shoot.

 Tables are done up in white demusk table cloths, bird cages with candles, pink ribbons and each couple received a heart shaped cork screw and wine bottle prop.

The Bridal Table

 The bird cage for "flat gifts"

 Wedding Cake - Bride holding the keys to the chains around the grooms legs!

 Gareth doing a toast to Brides parents, Brian and Rheta

Deano, reading out the father of the brides speech

 Father Daughter Dance - "Nights in white satin" - Moody Blues

The Party People

Monday, 4 November 2013

Who Will Our Baby Look Like?

So a few months ago I spent some time with Sean's mom in Somerset East, we sat up till late at night as she told me all about the McCallum family history/tree.  We went through tons of photos, and I managed to put an album together of Sean from a baby to high school.  Roots are important to me and knowing where you come from, who you a part of, is really important in bringing up your own family one day.  So thus I was inspired to dig through my old baby photos, and family history...only to think....WHO WILL OUR BABY LOOK LIKE??

I had a mop of pitch black hair when I was born, where as Sean didn't have much hair and was very blonde...

 Sean David McCallum

Megan Frances Mullin

 Sean as a toddler with his German Shepherd Ee-Loo

Very blonde Sean

 Me as a toddler

The last two photos = 8 years old = big teeth :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Some People Feel The Rain...Others Just Get Wet

When it rains, most birds head for shelter, the Eagle is the only bird that flies above the clouds to avoid the rain.

"Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't make a rainbow without the rain"

Just a bit bored while its pouring outside...much needed rain in the Eastern Cape.  Looking forward to our trip home to Magogong on Wednesday.  And Jen's wedding.  So there's lots to look forward to on the blog before the "blog drought" which is Dec/Jan :)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

fit fat and flourishing!

Me looking larger than life with my trophy for winning the C-Division in our Club Champs!  (I'm still a 33 handicap so can only compete with C-Division which is between 30 and 36 handicaps).

Saturday, 12 October 2013

19 weeks pregnant

So this week I turned 19 weeks pregnant... :)  Half way there.

I haven't taken many belly photos
1. because I have no one to take them for me (my husband hates taking photos as much as he hates being in them)
2.  Because I'm not very good at taking selfies.

I will do a little maternity shoot towards the end of my pregnancy though.  Hopefully I have a huge belly by then, because what a waste if its just a small little rugby ball that could have been a bloated stomach or constipation.  I want to LOOK pregnant!

And on that note, that is why Sean keeps saying "stop pushing out your stomach, we all know you pregnant"...promise I'm not pushing out my stomach!

Here's a photo of about 16/17 weeks pregnant!



(Maybe I'm pushing it out a bit in this one!!!!!!) hahah
Blah blah so went for my check up and everything is 100% fine
We can't tell the sex yet and I've decided that if we can see at the next scan, we will keep it surprise from everyone else.  I've only had one scan so far and we could not tell as I was only 13 weeks pregnant.  The next available scan appointment is 6 November (23 weeks pregnant) and on my dad's if its a boy....and non of my brothers have decided to impregnate their women maybe I can convince Sean to name the baby Patrick?  It's also Sean's dad's second name. 
But unfortunately...and maybe fortunately for those who think I don't deserve to name my child after our legendary father, the black guy who is the green keeper up at the golf club's name is Patrick...and since Sean and I spend most of our time up there, he will be teased by his golfing buddies for naming the baby after the green keeper!  So we are still up for name suggestions for both sexes!  I will be sending out an email soon for peoples predictions and name suggestions!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Adding to the pack of wild cats....

We went on honeymoon and last thing we expected was to come back with this!!!!!!!!!!!!  But if not now then when?  The sooner the better?  Well I had to convince myself for the firs few days because I don't care what anyone thinks....I was in shock and had a moment of..."I don't want to be pregnant now!"....oh hell!  haha....but now we are super excited and very nervous!  This will be baby no. 11 in the Mullin clan, 11 wild kittens.  Yay!  I'm about 13 weeks along now, no stomach, but my jeans wont fit??? what is this rubbish?  My skin is very bad, especially on my neck :(  and I have vivid dreams every single night!  I luckily didn't suffer too badly from morning sickness, I felt a bit queezy all day but mostly I suffered from fatigue, I just wanted to sleep all the time and fell asleep sitting up right!!!  One thing I can say is that my golf has improved tremendously! Thanks little baby!

Can you believe this.........
......Is going to be a mother???  haha...that's what my friends are thinking!
But look................