Monday, 4 November 2013

Who Will Our Baby Look Like?

So a few months ago I spent some time with Sean's mom in Somerset East, we sat up till late at night as she told me all about the McCallum family history/tree.  We went through tons of photos, and I managed to put an album together of Sean from a baby to high school.  Roots are important to me and knowing where you come from, who you a part of, is really important in bringing up your own family one day.  So thus I was inspired to dig through my old baby photos, and family history...only to think....WHO WILL OUR BABY LOOK LIKE??

I had a mop of pitch black hair when I was born, where as Sean didn't have much hair and was very blonde...

 Sean David McCallum

Megan Frances Mullin

 Sean as a toddler with his German Shepherd Ee-Loo

Very blonde Sean

 Me as a toddler

The last two photos = 8 years old = big teeth :)


  1. Megz, you look so much like Dad when you were a baby! I never realised it.

  2. Lovely photos to treasure Megs! ;)

  3. You're right, roots are very important when raising your own family, exciting times ahead for you. Nice post!