Saturday, 9 November 2013

Jen & Pierre's Wedding - Kimberely, Northern Cape.

 Groom waiting patiently over 40min for the arrival of his bride
 Kids get restless and need to leave the chapel
(here Fergus kept calling his "daddddddy" who was sitting at the bottom

 Finally the Bride arrives.  The photographer requests that no photos be taken of the bride as she enters the chapel, nor lean into the isle to get a better look of her.
(So this is the first sneaky pic we can take)

 After many prayers from Minister Andrew Murray the rings are exchanged

 You may Kiss The Bride

 Finally guests are released into the Kalahari heat and Troy and Owen, handsome little page boys
dish out pink and white petals to guests to use as confetti

 Throwing confetti over newlyweds symbolises a “fruitful” union
Petals have replace seeds and grains of rice -  pagans believed the fertility of the seeds would be transferred to the couple.
 Rose Sparkling Wine and fruit juice await the guests while they sit under the trees waiting for the bride to return from her photo shoot.

 Tables are done up in white demusk table cloths, bird cages with candles, pink ribbons and each couple received a heart shaped cork screw and wine bottle prop.

The Bridal Table

 The bird cage for "flat gifts"

 Wedding Cake - Bride holding the keys to the chains around the grooms legs!

 Gareth doing a toast to Brides parents, Brian and Rheta

Deano, reading out the father of the brides speech

 Father Daughter Dance - "Nights in white satin" - Moody Blues

The Party People

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  1. I love the photo of Jen and Aunty Retha ... so in the moment.