Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rosewater Strawberry Cupcakes

For the Wimbledon final...
cupcakes in the oven
Before ..plain vanilla cake cupcakes
after...rosewater strawberry cupcakes
I asked Joyce to take a photo of me and my cupcakes...I said "can you see me?" and
she said shame
This is beloved Joyce...I cant speak Xhosa and she can bearly speak English..but we manage


  1. Megan! Seriously impressed with those cupcakes! Where did the rose water come in tough? I love the look of Joyce, she looks like she could be one of our old beloved maids :)

  2. Tess the rose-water is added to the icing sugar mixture and a tablespoon to the cake mixture but mostly the flavour of rosewater is in the icing sugar..its a very sour/sweet effect

  3. They look yummy Megs! Domestic goddess indeed.