Thursday, 28 June 2012


Nothing says its the holidays like a good little shopping session, no rush, just time time time!
So to kick start my July school holidays I took a little trip to PE, to shop for stuff for the house...(and then someone took this shopping to another level, but I'll post on that purchase later)

(P.S I lied, I kick started my holiday with a little trip to PE to watch Boks play like kak against the English...but then we stumbled upon a lovely shop called Sheridan)

My heart shaped casserole pot!
My collection of Le Creuset pots - all colourful and pretty
The espresso mugs and mixing bowls
I think I love this Le Creuset cause I can buy them in all sorts of colours...and I love colour!

These babies won some award somewhere in the world, they are so heavey so here's hoping that I'll be taking less sips less frequently.
and the Jug from the same collection...I've learnt that a jug of water needs to be present when consuming jugs of really helps

The Ritzenhoff collection growing.

Uncle Dave at Sheridan's gave me a Carrol Boyes dog collar for Indi and Blue - kinda matches the Carrol Boyes handbag I have hahah
and this ladies and gentelmen is The Face, and he is my favourite painting in the house...
by Bastian Van Stenis or something like that...
Look forward to searching for art during Festival (Grahamstown National Arts Fest starts today!)

Things are coming together and the house is looking good, busy putting in the fire place and waiting for the dining room chairs from Italy. I mean really, but ya.  I just enjoy filling and decorating :)

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  1. LOVE the pots Megs! Enjoy the holiday ... looking forward to December when everyone is together again.