Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Baby Blue to Naughty ADHD Bloep

Blue is a very different little speciman!  The day she arrived, she took over.  She is so feisty, energetic, boisterous, playfull, inquisitive.  Sometimes Indi and I just wanna chill, like I'll be watching Wimbledon and he'll lie by my feet.  she'll come pull his ears, lick me in the face, nibble my ankle, bite and pull his collar...eventually after ignoring all of this she'll proudly trott out the house and go and irritate the gardener Gladman..haha..yes he is my babysitter.  "Gladman call Blue please"...then he knows he must keep her occupied (throw the tennis ball) while Indi and I just chill.

So as you can see...

She didnt hesitate to pick a kennel the day she arrived
Next day casually caught a nap spread out ontop of the top part of the leather couch! (which she a few months later chewed up)

and she still loves that very same spot :)

A little bit older here...she always chooses to strew herself across the pillow where must I lie.  This morning I let them in, I was lying on my stomach face down, she jumped onto my back and just started sleeping ON my back?!?! she is too big for this sh*t now.
Casually, no problem hops into the pool.
Dominating Indi on the lawn - this game drives me mad as it goes on for ages!
Shame my little pooch was not impressed that I made her dive through a wave to "come save me".

She was a very cute puppy, but when it comes to Beauty..Indi wins, but she's definitely got all the personality!

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