Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Teaching special needs has been a huge challenge for me.  Firstly, although I only have 9 pupils, I am actually preparing and teaching 9 different lessons per a learning area since each child operates at a different level and pace.
With this comes the emotional draining of having to deal with children who come from severley disadvantaged backgrounds, orphans, abuse, foster care, hunger, violence, neglect...
It was all hunkey dorey in the beginning, but soon the children became comfortable with me as their new teacher, and all sorts of little things started to happen, physical fights, stealing, hunger, begging, vandilism, and coming to school with injuries with abuse from home.
I had my first leeeeetle break down last week Tuesday when I was feeding my dogs one evening after a tough day at school.
While I sat watching them eat cooked mince and pellets I broke down crying.
I have to be strong...its not an easy job but I do love it.  I am often exhausted and past out by 8:30pm.

After we learnt about cows and their benefits we made our own ice-cream mixtures,
(caramel, chocolate, nut, vanilla, cuppachino)

Marizaantjie...smiling :)
50 cent has nothing on these two...Eshton and Eugene.
love construction games and building things.

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  1. Megs I'm sure it must be mentally draining for you. BUT ... you are THE perfect person to make a difference in these little kids lives ... the job satisfaction must be huge. I'm in awe of you. x