Thursday, 31 May 2012


You know when you've been in a place too long and you start calling it "a hole", and you start making plans to get out??? Well as soon as my plans fell into place...was the very turning point I realized Grahamstown had become my new home town...and I no longer thought it was a hole but rather couldnt imagine living anywhere else when I returned to South Africa.

So here I am. 
I live in a beautiful home
I have 2 magnificent, gorgeous, intelligent..flippen naughty (as she pulls the computer cord out) German Shepherds named Indiana and Blue.
I belong to a gym and spinning (cycling) at Rhodes University
I teach at Kuyasa..a very special "Special Needs School" and finish work at 2:30 everyday.
Getting my golf clubs soon, and starting golf lessons in Port Elizabeth whenever I can.
and I'm slowly making a great bunch of friends.
and then there's the boyfriend...but I'll have to do a seperate post about that later...when I have a good way of summing it all up. :)

so since I've been back =

My Classroom before

setting up

 Birthday Chart

 Kiddies Autumn Trees

Learning to make their own sarmies

watching Andy and David's rugby (Sean's nephews)
 Blue going nuts when we leave her home alone (this is not an inside couch)
 they both got big hidings and were put out...shame :(
 Port Alfred Round Table 40th Birthday Winter Dance
Julie and Roy
 Heather and Fast Fred
 Uncle John


Spending time with the dogs.  Going for walks up Mountain Drive, chasing kieviets on the golf course, going to the beach and messing around at home.

Blue (Bloepie) is the swimmer.  Indi still avoids it at all costs but you'll often find
Blue chilling on the steps like this :)
 The sunny spot
 Mommies and my bestie!

Fergus Patrick Mullin's Christening
My brother Gareth and his wife Sanette's first baby...and lucky for me they live
just 1h30min away.

Hanging on for dear life.
 It was this fathers final and last Christening he would do in his career.
 urrrgggg this stupid photo wont rotate.
with the christening koek which was gareth and sanette's wedding cake!
 Me and the little guy.
I wore heels this day....every single family member had to point it out.  Proof that
I am never seen in heels thus its such an unusual thing for them.  and I look like
a giraffe!