Monday, 9 April 2012

K K Korea -

A favourite: "Love Locks" at a pier in Ilsan
You make a promise, engrave your initials on a lock and lock it onto this stainless steel rail.

This is Dana, from Georgia USA...lovely lovely girl, already booked her trip to South Africa next year to visit me!

The "rugby playing nations"..from Left - Alex-Ander from New Zealand, Stuart from England, Me from South Africa and Danielle from Wales.  made a lekka bunch

This is Cory...umm, this was first and last photo taken with him. I cant explain it, he is 24, a qualified minister and meditates in public places like bars and clubs..and hangs out till 4am not saying a word or touching a drink...just sits there and...stares!

This is Shannon, if you think we racist..jirrr, this one...she has a "blacks only" group in Korea that do things together.  She is very sensitive and you gotta watch what you say around her.  I said if you go missing for more than 12 hours in South Africa consider youself raped or murdered (she was missing for 8hours in Korea and got upset with us for calling the cops) so she said "what you trying to say ? that all blacks are rapist/murderers!"...i preceded to sing John Denver's country road to her. I do these things in tense moments.

This Joseph, the hippie from Colorado, we shared some stories, and his mother died when he was only 14years old, from cervical cancer.  He has an amazing aura and calmness to him.

Dani the crazy welsh girl...Paddy the crazy Irishman...celebrating St Paddy's in Korea...till 6am!

The war of the umbrella's on a rainy day, love how they have little umbrella holders at the door of each shop, in the shape of an upside down umbrella. 

I have mostly Irish friends here in Korea.  This foreigner bar "Benchwarmers" just happened to have these two flags together...on the night I was with the Irish lads...Pete and Garry:

Pete and Garry wiping their "arses" with MY flag! silly bunch but oh so much fun!
This particular night, we ended up at a Korean BBQ at 6/7am (they just cant stop this lot)

These are my favourite students.  The rest were a nightmare..hell I got stabbed with a pencil.  Thought that only happens in South Africa?...think again.
They made me headband from the rubber of a deflated balloon.

This is my kindergarten class I only see once a week...makes that the best day of the week.
Some of the work my students produce:
This one drew a heart with my name and the American guy who teaches at the school and a flippen "umbilical" cord to a baby.  See what I mean when I say these children are WACK

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