Monday, 1 September 2014


  • I can almost sit by myself...prob in the month of being six I will have mastered it
  • I've eaten butternut, apple and pear .... all a bit strange and I pull funny faces
  • I can put my toes in my mouth
  • I roll from back to tummy and tummy to back
  • I pull my dogs hair and squeel with delight
  • I don't like lying alone in a room anymore and cry if mom walks away
  • My new favourite song is A - is for apple a a apple
  • what makes me laugh?  when mom pretends to talk but no sounds come out of her mouth
  • when mom zerbs my tummy or eats my toes I laugh like crazy
  • Mom took me to see the snow in hogs back....I sat in the snow...rolled over and fell on my face...but it was fluffy and soft so I didn't cry :)
  • I just did a long stretch of sleep last night - 6hours each :)
  • mom still wishes I would sleep through...she is longing for a full nights sleep

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