Wednesday, 5 November 2014

isiXhosa 101 - practicing "the click"

Living in the Eastern Cape - and can't see myself living anywhere else....becoming part of this unique crowd of people and being able to live an enjoyable life here, two things are for sure.
1.  You must be down to earth and
2.  You must learn the lingo..... isiXhosa being the main language of the province but then also...what we call the lower Albany twang...the "boet and swaer" of the English language...I can't explain'll just have to wait and hear one day! 
....maybe there's a drinking pineapple beer and playing cricket or something down those lines...

But for now.... Duncan has been practicing his clicking for about 2 weeks!  We think it is hilarious!


  1. remind me to never rotate my camera on video again!

  2. Sweet man! Love the baby babble ... miss those days! x