Tuesday, 28 October 2014

8 Months Old....a big FAT EIGHT...round 8....big bold boom 8


  • I turned 8 months old 3 days after my nerve operation - double nerve harvest.
  • I now do funny things -
    • I stick my tongue out and thrash it around - thus daddy has dubbed me "daddy's little garden snake"
    • I make the "click" sound perfectly and my nanny says I'm doing it with a twist in my tongue so she is convinced I'm practicing my isiXhosa clicks.
    • I can eat more gruff food and devour anything that is meat.  
    • Loving bolognaise mince at the moment   
    • I have a very strong core, I can pick myself up from a fall.  But I still cant crawl...obviously cause my arm is tied up!
    • I say mamma and Da!
    • I love it when mom zerbs my tummy, and reads a book in a whispering voice
    • My dogs are STILL my favourite things. - kick my legs and squeel in delight when they approach me
    • I now refuse to take a bottle point blank and wake up loads at night making my mommy very tired
    • on the upside I can put myself to sleep for day time naps
    • My favourite songs at the moment are - Vulindlela and Nomankanjani - because that's when my nanna dances with me!
    • I watch birds fly...i follow their flight.  I also stick my hand out when I hear rain drops
    • My favourite games are:
    • I can pass mom the golf ball when she says "taaaa" and then she rolls it back to me and I can "catch"t it
    • This little piggy went to market
    • Just sitting in the garden watching the gardener, the dogs, the birds
    • Love eating grass - luckily not smoke it....just eat it. yummmmmm

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  1. Haha Megs! Can't believe we haven't even met him yet :(