Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sam John Kyle - a visit to the EC

 sort of matching rugby jerseys
 deep in thought
 Mom and Son

 I wont repeat what was done to get Sam to look up at the camera and get his eyes off the grass!

 Desperate to crawl!

 Cutest little face by far!

 six months old

 The look on Duncans face is priceless

 Best Cuzzies
 mmmm sweets, how do we open this?
 Halloween pics
 Dunci the vampire

Missing these 2 very much already!  Aunty Monique came to visit for a few days with Sam, bravely leaving Grant aka Buddha behind for the first time, and Tyler too.  She helped us with a day time routine and some sleep training.  Things have gone a bit pear shaped since she left but we trying hard ;)
The cousins loved playing together, staring at each other and keeping each other occupied with their antics.  Can't wait for the day they run around together (suppose that will also come with tackling, biting, pulling and fighting) but so what!

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