Monday, 13 October 2014

Best Friends - 7.5months old

It's been indoor kind of weather and even on sunny warm days there seems to be a wind outside...
Duncan got his first bit of antibiotics ever - for a lingering cough which the doc seemed to think was bronchitis because after 12 days it was still there and it was becoming painful to cough = 3 sleepless nights, Sean phoned the doc on Sunday afternoon.
Only in a small town does a doc come for a call out when he isn't even on duty and then stays behind spontaneously for braai and wine!  - anyway...we not happy that Duncan had to go onto antibiotics but it is his operation next week (20 October) and they will not operate if he is we frantically trying to get him better.. 
The sooner the op happens the better...because he is getting mobile now and for 3 weeks after the op his arm will be strapped to his body.  shame :(

He can get quite benout indoors...but luckily it totally mesmerized by the dogs and loves their company :)

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